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Far too many attorneys overcomplicate things, making topics convoluted and difficult to understand to the average person. This blog is committed to explaining legal planning topics in an easy to understand format, in plain English. Enjoy the blogs, and please let us know if there is a topic you would like covered.

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How to Avoid Probate #estateplanning #estateplanningbasics #estatetaxes #financialplanning #lastwill #lastwillandtestament #longtermplanning #planning #probate #probateprocess #process #trustplanning #trusts #will #wills attorney attorney advice estate documents estate planning estate planning attorney estate planning basics estate planning strategies last will and testament lawyer advice lawyers advice livingtrust planningattorney revocable living trust the plain english attorney™ trust trust planning Apr 29, 2024

One of the biggest frustrations I see in my line of work is when people who are already going through a crisis because of the death or a long-term illness of a family member end up in probate. This time-consuming, frustrating, and paperwork intensive process only compounds the grief and agony...

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‘Twas the Night Before Probate #beneficiary #costs #estateplanning #probate #probateprocess #seasonalfavorites Dec 19, 2022

'Twas the night before probate, and all through the house

Not an asset was spared, for there was no spouse

Nor were there children, or any appointed heirs

For the deceased had no plans, nor had he cared


The forms were stacked high, with supporting documentation

Billable hours were spent,...

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The Red Tape Estate: The Probate Process Explained #estateplanningbasics #probate #probateprocess Nov 28, 2022

Ever since my grandfather passed on and my grandmother had to deal with a year and a half of uncertainty, convoluted procedures, and legal bills, I made it my mission to find ways for my clients to avoid the red tape of probate. But not only did I want to help my clients, but I also wanted to...

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