Trust 101: A New Webinar for a New Year

Dec 26, 2022
Attorney broadcasting with background of people having a meeting

We have launched a new estate planning webinar focused on the basics of a living trust. While a Last Will and Testament is thought of as the norm, a revocable living trust may be a better alternative to avoid probate. In getting back to some basics for 2023, our office decided to create and release a new webinar on the basics of estate planning with a focus on explaining how a revocable living trust works to avoid probate. While the full Estate Crash Course or even the book Estate Planning Basics goes into more depth, this approximately 45 minute webinar is a good start to your estate planning research. Check it out at, or if you already have the Estate Crash Course, you can find it in the Bonus materials section.

We're also launching this webinar the day after Christmas because our business experience shows that may families get together over the Holidays, people reflect on loved ones who have passed on, and they want to make sure that their families remember them fondly. Naturally, people start thinking about legacies, and leaving a good legacy is, in part, about leaving an estate that is simple to understand and administered with as little fuss as possible.

Unfortunately, this is also replacing the Estate Planning: Bigger Than Beyonce webinar, and will also direct people to the Trust 101 webinar. If you really, really enjoyed that one, it will also be available in the Bonus materials for The Estate Crash Course. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the Holidays, and have a fantastic start to your New Year!

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