The 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room

May 04, 2022

Our office has a new mascot with a very conspicuous place in the conference room. We now have an “800-Pound Gorilla in the Room” sitting at the foot of the conference room table, and it’s there for a particular purpose. It’s actually a merging of two expressions:

  • “Where does an 800-pound gorilla sit? Wherever he wants.”
  • “We need to talk about the elephant in the room.”

The gorilla is there to remind our clients of a few things. First, this is the room where we talk about the big issues, meaning “the elephant in the room.” We really shouldn’t avoid talking about important things in your life to your legal and financial professionals, because if we don’t discuss important things, then we can’t plan in a way that helps you reach your goals. Second, while an 800-pound gorilla, meaning a problem, sits wherever it wants, there are ways to make it move and go away. This means that there are often solutions to problems that people don’t think are possible at first, but there often are changes we can make.

The gorilla is a gift from Nick Nardulli, planner and contributing author of Remarkable Retirement Volume 3: America's Leading Retirement Advisors Speak. Who occasionally assists our Asset Coordinator Mike Brooks and I structure multi-generational plans for some of our clients. Here is the interview I did with Nick last year.

Buy the way… we held a vote to name the gorilla in the room. His name is George.

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