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Aug 15, 2022
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When I was young, Friday nights were about Miami Vice. Those of you old enough to remember patiently waiting for your favorite show to come on network or cable television also remember having to plan to be home and not busy when your particular shows were on. When you were home, you didn't take phone calls, you weren't surfing the web, and your full attention was on the television because if you missed something, there was no rewinding. However, occasionally, there wasn't a new show and the network put on a rerun. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to post some reruns for a few weeks.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that The Estate Planning Source is holding their first Advanced Institute since October of 2019, and I am fortunate enough to be teaching three different sections: 5 Medicaid Planning Techniques to Save the Family Fortune, In-Law Protection Planning, and Planning for the Special Needs Beneficiary. Because of this, preparation for the Advanced Institute will be taking up a lot of time, including the time to create new videos. So we're going to have to do some reruns for a few weeks on social media and in the weekly e-newsletter we send out.

The good news is that I will be bringing equipment to record the sessions at The Advanced Institute, and there are some portions that will be appropriate for a general audience and not just for the estate planning professionals at the conference, so those can also be posted in September and later. Plus I may end up with some opportunities for interviews and other content with other estate planners from across the country.

Thanks for bearing with us, and hopefully you'll enjoy the reruns as much as I enjoyed the reruns of Miami Vice and Star Trek: The Next Generation.




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Medicaid Planning Webinar.  FREE WEBINAR.  When it comes to Medicaid Planning, there is little room for mistakes and hardly no forgiveness for incorrect moves (at least without expensive court intervention). In this free webinar, I review the ten biggest Medicaid Planning mistakes people make.

Special Needs Planning Webinar.  FREE WEBINAR. There are very few areas of estate planning more fraught with risk than trying to plan an inheritance for a special needs beneficiary… if you don’t know the basics. In this free webinar, I go through the myths, goals, and proper techniques in estate planning for a beneficiary with special needs.

Trust Funding Webinar.  FREE WEBINAR.  It’s not enough to just have a revocable living trust and not ensure that your assets are coordinated with it to avoid probate. It’s like having the world’s best suitcase for your dream vacation, but failing to pack everything you need. In this webinar, I break down the biggest “trust funding fails” I have seen in my legal career. Trust funding doesn’t have to be a complicated mess when you know the basics and reasoning behind the different techniques.

Estate Crash Course.  What is probate? What’s the difference between a Will and a Revocable Living Trust? What are the big decisions I need to make? There’s a lot of information, misinformation, and folk remedies out there, but I cut through all of that to explain the basics of estate planning in plain English, long before you step foot into the attorney’s office to work on your specific goals and objectives.

VA Pension Crash Course.  One of the least known, least utilized benefits available to senior veterans is the Veterans Pension Benefit. This course reviews the ins and outs of the benefit, who it is meant to help, and the all-important four big tests to qualify.

The Six Keys to Successfully Planning Your Estate.  Get organized in planning your estate through this FREE REPORT before you start spending hundreds of dollars an hour with an attorney.








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