Probate Roundtable

May 10, 2022

Taking an estate through probate can be one of the most expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating experiences someone can go through. While a large part of my legal practice is focused on estate planning that avoids probate, sometimes there is just no choice. To help answer some questions about probate, I was joined by probate attorney Cara Williams and my former probate legal assistant DeJah Debon to discuss the three main phases of probate, some of the main problems people face when trying to go it alone, and even tell some stories from our past experiences. The good news is that it was all recorded and available here.

I hope to have more in-depth discussions with a wide range of professionals, and those discussions will be recorded and made available in both audio and video format. However, the primary way I can meet my goal of providing quality information explained in plain English is through our blog and newsletter, so please check out the blog and sign up for the newsletter at

To get in touch with Estate Administration Attorney Cara Williams, check out her website at or call 919-612-0890. For more information on avoiding probate, check out my law firm's website at and our online courses at

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