Not All Legacies are Financial (A SPECIAL ASK)

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High school reunion picture on bus


Last August, I was happy to attend a reunion in Rhode Island and catch up with my classmates from Mount Saint Charles Academy High School. Amidst all of the updates, shared achievements, and school news, there was also the bad that always comes when we grow older. One really bad piece of news was my classmate Valerie Germain had a rare form of cancer and was not likely to make it, so she couldn't attend.

I'm not going to fudge the truth and say Val was an incredibly close friend back in the day, but I did consider her the type of friend who could call up after not speaking for years, ask me a favor, and I would probably have done it. We did catch up at the reunions we did attend together, and I was happy to hear that her passion for music led her to spend some time working for MTV (back when they still aired music videos) and that she had her own band called America's Sweetheart. This band was a big part of what she loved doing, and, when I mentioned I did estate planning, she made an offhand comment about her music being what she would leave behind because she didn't see herself being rich anytime soon.

I talk to clients everyday about what they are leaving behind, and I can use Wills, Trusts, and other documents to help them pass on their financial and tangible assets to their loved ones. That's part of what I can contribute to help my clients transition these assets when they are no longer here. But it's often the intangible lessons and examples, especially lessons they are passionate about, that I can't draft into the language of their revocable living trust. For Val, it was her music.

So now I'm getting to an ask from you, if you can help. For as long as she was able, Val was working on the next album for America's Sweetheart, but it still needs funding to be released. To accomplish this, her bandmate Anastasia "Stacy" Kinsella put together a Kickstarter campaign, and I have already donated $250 myself. I would like to see Valerie's last wish be granted, so I am asking for your help in one of two ways (or both if you want):

1) Donate to the band's Kickstarter here: As I'm writing this, there is less than $4,000 to go, and donating directly has perks from the band.

2) Subscribe to the Client Resource Center at that includes my audiobook Estate Planning Basics, the Estate Crash Course, The Trust Funding Course, and exclusive monthly webinars for one year, plus I'll probably be adding more courses and programs in the months ahead. The regular cost is $197, but if you use the coupon code VALERIE before March 15, 2024 you get 50% off and I'll donate the rest of your payment to the Kickstarter campaign. (There is a March 16 deadline for the Kickstarter campaign, and by using the coupon I'll know to donate that sale's revenue).

Please consider helping this final request from my old classmate, and check out their YouTube channel as well. And Go Mounties!

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