Medicaid or Moneyball?

Dec 06, 2022

When faced with a long term care crisis and the accompanying astronomical monthly costs, families often push to keep doing things the same way they always have, just better or more efficiently. They keep pushing ahead with their fingers crossed that, somehow, they can preserve enough money to pay the $10,000+/month nursing home bill and not run out of money. It doesn’t work. They have to think differently. That is exactly what the movie Moneyball was all about. By thinking of things differently, boiling it down to the things that matter and sifting out what doesn’t, the Oakland A’s, one of the poorest teams, were able to achieve astounding results. In this video, Jeffrey G. Marsocci, The Plain English Attorney™, analyzes some key points in the movie that align with how families and professionals should approach the Medicaid Planning process.

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