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When it comes to long term care planning with Medicaid, the federal government makes the rules confusing, convoluted, and so complex that families tend to throw up their hands in frustration and just spend everything until broke. That’s the way the government wants it. But if you know the rules, then you can win the game.

A few years ago, I put together my book Don't Go Broke! which eventually became the book The Long Term Care Solution. Now we have this book and more in an online course environment at The same book is available for reading in a .pdf format, but we also have it in an audio format and a captioned video and audio format (with some nice drone scenes in the background). In addition, the course contains the fillable pdf questionnaire I use when assisting clients nationwide as a Certified Medicaid Planner (TM)  through my company The Care Assistance Center, LLC. 

While we still have the mailed packets we can always send out to prospective clients, we can save trees and postage by having this course available free and online, just as we do for estate planning with If you or anyone else you know needs more information in either of these areas, then please pass along the free courses. Finally, please look for the upcoming livestream Medicaid Planning 101 with fellow Certified Medicaid Planner(TM) David Cole of the Senior Veterans Council on the YouTube channel on April 1, 2024 at 6 p.m. here:

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