Going Live? What Are We Talking About?

Oct 24, 2022
Attorney with broadcast equipment in front of a concert crowd with one person crowdsurfing

With more and more media choices, people are gravitating towards a live format... even if that live format is a just a replay of the live broadcast. When it comes to video, views, likes, shares, and comment numbers don't lie. It's also one of the most relaxed formats to execute, so why isn't everyone doing it? Because it still takes a lot of work to prepare a live session, and you're not editing out mistakes.

I actually enjoy this type of format, and I have a good setup to do live broadcasts. But what should I be talking about? How often should I be going live? What times and days are best for live broadcasts? 

For now, I'm ready to try it out on Saturdays at 10 a.m. EST for several weeks to see how it goes. We can always change the times, days, and frequencies, and there may be a few pre-recorded ones thrown in (the Saturday after Thanksgiving is always a travel day for us). But the big question is what topics do you want me to address? Here are a few I have in mind:

* Wills vs. Revocable Trusts

* Blended Family Estate Planning Techniques

* Complexities of Medicaid Planning

* Involving the Kids in Estate Planning

All of these are broad enough that I can speak about them at length as opposed to discrete topics that are better for 7-15 minute videos. But I might as well talk to a mirror if these are not topics you want to hear about. So which of these topics would you want to see live, or are there other topics entirely that you want to know more about? Please make sure to comment what you are interested in so we can plan out the test runs so you get the most out of them. In the meantime, if you subscribe to the YouTube channel by clicking https://youtube.com/nclawyer?sub_confirmation=1, we're going to start polling about topics in YouTube posts, and we will be taking these results to heart when planning content.

Thanks, and make it a great day!

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