Attorney-Client Relationships Enhanced with New Resource Center

attorney-client relationships company news the plain english attorneyā„¢ trust funding Oct 16, 2023

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Client Resource Center for The Law Offices of Jeffrey G Marsocci, PLLC. This is an exclusive program just for our revocable living trust clients, friends, and colleagues that is made available to them. It contains all of the ongoing reference courses and materials for estate planning our clients need to help maintain their plan. The annual program includes:

  • The Estate Crash Course program
  • The audio and e-book versions of Estate Planning Basics
  • The program The Trust Funding Series
  • Select past webinars

All of these materials are in place to help our trust clients continue to avoid probate and help maintain their plans over time. There are also two other big bonuses that our clients will have exclusive access to, namely exclusive livestreams with Q&A and their Annual Review Meeting each year is included free. The livestreams are not going to be available to the general public on YouTube or anywhere else, and these recordings will into the database as well for easy reference as long as you are subscribed. This program is going to essentially replace the Peace of Mind plan offered to our clients* for a reduced price.

The cost of the plan is $197.00 per year, but if you sign up before the end of October there is a coupon for we're actually putting in a coupon link so that you can get this for 25% off. So please go ahead and check it out and we hope to have you join up with the client Resource Center.

* Clients still subscribed to our $500 per year Peace of Mind Plan that comes with reduced or free updated document revisions annually will still be allowed to continue with that plan.

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