Wealth Forever?!

estate planning strategies generational wealth legacy wealth planning Nov 20, 2023
Legacy Wealth Planning with Attorney in front of rich guy with expensive car and mansion in the background

Creating and securing perpetual wealth for a family forever is possible, but it is not necessarily for everyone. Setting up the right trusts and structures can make sure that descendants you will never meet are supported. cared for, and able to live their best lives without the worry of money. In this blog post, Jeff reviews the different estate planning techniques available to generate a perpetual family legacy of wealth and prosperity.

Is a Perpetual Family Legacy something that fits with your plans?

Here are the key indicators that your goals may be more aligned with a multi-generational trust compared to the typical ones:

  • You are willing to invest more money now and spend less during your life in order to support successive generations;
  • It's more important to you that your wealth handles basic support needs for great grandchildren and successive generations you will never meet compared to making life more comfortable or extravagant for your children and grandchildren; and 
  • You are OK with your estate plans being more complex than the average person in order to achieve extraordinary goals.

If you believe these points describe you and your goals, then we should talk. In the meantime, check out my booklet The Perpetual Family Legacy from 2010 now on sale (before we do an update and rewrite) here:https://www.amazon.com/dp/1935896008 

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