Top 10 Don'ts of Medicaid Planning 

Hosted by Jeffrey G. Marsocci, Esq.

also known as The Plain English Attorney(TM)

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Paying for Long Term Care

What the Medicaid office often doesn’t tell you is that... Medicaid has first dibs on the sales proceeds. There are ways to hedge against a Medicaid lien if the situation is handled properly with a Certified Medicaid Planner™.

Medicaid Spend Down Plan

Under Medicaid qualification rules, ANY gifts in the five years prior to applying for nursing home Medicaid count, and coverage will be denied for periods of time based on a state-specific number. 

The Medicaid Caseworker is Not Your Friend

They are not there to help your family keep the most assets; they want you to spend everything possible before Medicaid pays for nursing home care. The standard operating procedure is for caseworkers to get you to fill out a Medicaid application, sign it (under penalty of perjury), and then reject the application.

Attorney, Author and Certified Medicaid Planner (TM) Jeffrey G. Marsocci has spent his career helping families avoid the problems of government bureaucracies by planning ahead. Medicaid Planning is another area he knows can be overly complex and expensive without proper planning in place. With so many myths and misinformation shared, families are at risk of losing tens of thousands of dollars, and countless hours in the Medicaid Office, or worse, probate court.

In this webinar, Mr. Marsocci will share real-life experiences of frequently made mistakes while planning and applying for Medicaid. Subsequently demonstrating a more effective way.

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