Paying for Long Term Care 

Hosted by Jeffrey G. Marsocci, Esq.

also known as The Plain English Attorney(TM)

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Paying for Long Term Care

There used to be affordable (but not cheap) long term care insurance from hundreds of companies... but the industry blew up. The webinar covers what happened and what the insurance industry came up with instead.

The Medicaid Rules

It seems like the government makes the rules around keeping assets so complicated while still qualifying for Medicaid, and that's mainly true. In the webinar, we cover some of the basic rules that the general public usually gets wrong.

Qualification Examples

When you know the rules, you can play the game to your and your family's advantage. We also cover a few basic examples of Medicaid planning that can work to save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars while qualifying for Medicaid.

Attorney, Author and Certified Medicaid Planner (TM) Jeffrey G. Marsocci has spent his career helping families avoid the problems of government bureaucracies by planning ahead. Medicaid Planning is another area he knows can be overly complex and expensive without proper planning in place. With so many myths and misinformation shared, families are at risk of losing tens of thousands of dollars, and countless hours in the Medicaid Office, or worse, losing what you saved through "Medicaid Recovery."

In this webinar, Mr. Marsocci will review the history of long term care insurance, why it failed, and what alternatives are now out there, including the long term care insurance program you have been paying into for years through your taxes known as Medicaid.

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