Courses available from The Plain English Attorney

Estate Crash Course

Having good information can help you make smarter decisions, particularly when it comes to estate planning. Knowing the difference between a Will and a Trust, what is involved in Probate and how to avoid it, and the Big Four Questions can help you make important estate planning decisions . Click here.

Trust Funding Series

Setting up a trust can be an integral part of an estate strategy, but having assets "line up" with this trust is critical. This course runs through the basics of funding revocable living trusts, the treatment of different asset types, and even runs through the ins and outs of filling out generic change of ownership and change of beneficiary forms. Click here.

Special Needs Planning Crash Course

When it comes to estate planning with a special needs beneficiary, it's important to get things right. Having good information can help you make smarter decisions. It's not enough to just leave an inheritance... it needs to be protected. Click here.

In-Law Protection Planning

Many people want to absolutely make sure that their estate stays with their family members. Unfortunately, life doesn't always cooperate. This course reviews different problems, consequences, and ultimately solutions to make sure your life savings stays within your family. Click here.

Medicaid Crash Course

Medicaid to handle long term care needs can save the family tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars from being lost to the nursing home. Understanding the rules and strategies is critical, and there is a lot of disinformation. This course is critical for families figuring out long term care costs. Click here.

Trustee Quickstart

When someone passes on, it is common for "Probate Panic" to cause people to make some wrong and costly moves, even with people who have a revocable living trust. That is why we created the Trustee Quickstart course to help a Trustee make those initial moves and get organized the right way. Click here.

V.A. Pension Crash Course

Having good information can help you make smarter decisions. This is particularly true when it comes to the VA Pension Benefit, when up to a few thousand dollars, or more, per month may be on the line. Don't just take the word of someone on the phone with the VA that you don't qualify, when with the right moves you very well may qualify. Click here.