Welcome to your Free Medicaid Course .com. When it comes to long term care planning with Medicaid, the federal government makes the rules confusing, convoluted, and so complex that families tend to throw up their hands in frustration and just spend everything until broke. That’s the way the government wants it. But if you know the rules, then you can win the game. That’s why I put together this free program to get you started on understanding the rules. Check out the free course today.


Learn the
Basic Rules

While there are literally hundreds of thousands of rules, there are some big ones necessary to understand before any real planning can begin.

Wrong Moves
Are Devastating

Going to the government Medicaid Office for answers or gifting assets without the RIGHT plan can destroy chances Medicaid qualification without going broke.

Gather Relevant

A key to working with Medicaid planning professionals or planning yourself is getting organized, and this program reviews a thorough questionnaire.

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