Welcome to the Free Trust Course. Putting together an estate plan is confusing enough, but many attorneys make it worse by suggesting the old standby Last Will and Testament as the way to plan an estate when using a Will mandates using the government’s probate court process, often with accompanying high legal fees. With a revocable living trust, all of the assets in the trust avoid this costly, time-consuming, frustrating legal process where the only people who come out ahead are the lawyers. Check out this free program today.


Learn Estate
Planning Basics

Knowing the difference between a Will and a Trust, what the probate process is and how it works, and the many benefits of avoiding a court administered estate by planning ahead can help you make smarter choices. Hint: a Last Will and Testament doesn't avoid probate.

The Downsides
of Probate

The probate court process can cost your family tens of thousands of dollars or more, take a year or more to settle, and be easier to contest than a plan that avoids court. Plus, probate means your financial information is exposed to the world. 

The Big
Four Questions

Learn the easiest and most straightforward way to make the four major decisions in every estate plan without overcomplicating and confusing things. Gather information, know what to expect in a first meeting with an estate planning attorney, and be prepared.

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