When someone passes on, it is common for "Probate Panic" to cause people to make some wrong and costly moves, even with people who have a revocable living trust. That is why we created the Trustee Quickstart course.


Steps to NOT Take

Unfortunately, people sometimes quickly take steps based on advice from friends and relatives rather than the Estate Attorney, and it can become a costly mess.

Trustee Action List

In those first days after someone passes on, even before meeting with an Estate Attorney, there are some critical and practical steps to take.

Get Organized!

A review of some information collection forms that can help you get and stay organized before that all-important attorney meeting.

Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course today, you'll get a solid overview of what to do in the first days and weeks after someone with a revocable living trust passes on.

Avoid the costly mistakes most people make when they take action after getting advice from non-attorney friends and family. We’ll teach you what landmines to avoid, what steps you can and should take on behalf of the trust, and how to get organized for that first meeting with an Estate Attorney. When legal professionals charge hundreds of dollars an hour, getting organized beforehand pays off. AND it can save much, much more if you don't make costly mistakes the attorney will have to undo later.

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