Charities in Estate Planning

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Not All Gifts are Created (or Deducted) Equally

While charitable gifts can provide immense satisfaction and help organizations do great things in the world, not all gifts are going to have the same tax impact on you during life or on your heirs and estate after death. We'll review and analyze different types of gifts, and the impact on charities and your heirs.

Your Estate Wishes Can Include Charities

A lot of people wish to provide for their favorite charities and religious institutions. But how should you do it? Through a Will or a Revocable Living Trust? Leave a dollar amount? A percentage of your estate? Or leaving a specific asset? Believe it or not, what and how you leave assets to charity matters.

Avoid the Potentially Devastating Tax Traps

Most people don't realize that there some tax traps out there that can cause your loved ones to not only lose out on some tax benefits, but also end up paying more in taxes by setting up charitable bequests the wrong way, particularly when it comes to leaving tax-deferred or tax-leveraged assets the wrong way.

Benefitting Charities in Estate Planning Can Be Particularly Complicated...

but getting good information on what options are out there, good and bad and explained in plain English, can help get you started in the right direction--for you--regardless of what the masses are doing.

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