Special Needs Planning Webinar


How To Save Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars By Effectively Planning For A Special Needs Beneficiary

Hosted by Jeffrey G. Marsocci, Esq.

also known as The Plain English Attorney™️









Myths and Folk Remedies

Debunk the widespread myths and prevalent folk remedies infecting even the legal community when it comes to estate planning for a special needs beneficiary.

No Jeopardizing Benefits

Leaving a legacy for a special needs beneficiary does not have to put their benefits at risk... if the planning is done the right way and in a coordinated fashion.

Having the Right Planning Goals

Learn the single most crippling mindset when it comes to putting together an estate strategy, and the correct way of thinking that can make everything much easier.

The Plain English Attorney (TM)

Presents "How To Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars By Effectively Planning For A Special Needs Beneficiary" Live Stream Webinar

Attorney and author Jeffrey G. Marsocci has spent his career helping families avoid the problems of court bureaucracies by planning ahead. Planning for a special needs beneficiary is another area of concern he knows can be very complex and expensive without proper planning in place. With so many myths and misinformation shared, families are at risk of losing tens of thousands of dollars, and or special needs beneficiary suffer a loss of benefits. In this webinar, Mr. Marsocci will cover the steps to take for effectively planning for a special needs beneficiary and the single best way to keep your affairs and benefits exclusively for your special needs beneficiary.

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