Medicaid Planning Crash Course

Having good information can help you make smarter decisions. This is particularly true when it comes to Medicaid Planning for skilled nursing care. With so much misinformation and complexity around this important government benefit, families frequently throw up their hands, spend everything, and go broke trying to care for their loved one. There are steps to take, and other steps to avoid, to make sure your family doesn't have to spend everything to get the care you paid for through a lifetime of work and taxes. This $97 course will cover the basic rules, dispel myths, and describe some tools and strategies that can help.


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Click the button below to get this important information on Medicaid Planning for long term care that can save your family tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs by spending more money than you have to in order to qualify for Medicaid. For only $97, you can get the information you need in Plain English to understand the basics of Medicaid planning and help get you on the right path to working with a trained professional. SAVE 30% by using coupon code MEDICAIDCC30. Time to use this coupon is limited and it may expire within 5 days.


The Four Ways to Pay for Long Term Care

There are four main ways to pay for long term care, and some are much better than others. Unfortunately, many families chose to do things the way the government prefers, which is for the family to spend down absolutely everything.

Understanding Medicaid Myths

With all of the disinformation, myths, and folk remedies out there, it's important to get the facts without being bogged down in legalese or having to pay an attorney hundreds of dollars an hour for this basic information when you can get it ahead of time.

The Medicaid Planning Document Toolbox

While trusts and other legal documents are not the actual Medicaid GamePlan, understanding what the documents do, how they are designed, and what purpose they serve can make understanding the planning process much easier.


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